Friday, April 17, 2009

A Gene Kelly Moment

"Mommy, go for a walk?"
"Yes Biddy, in a bit. It's a gorgeous day."
"Mommy, wear boots?"
"Biddy, I think you'll be hot and besides, they're difficult to run in. I don't want you to trip."
"Mommy, I want wear boots." he said emphatically holding his red, fire truck inspired rain boots.
"Are you sure?"

I laughed. This kid has such a good memory. Last week on an early morning walk after a big storm, we watched two kids jump with delight in each and every puddle they could find. He wanted so badly to do the same, but without his rain boots I nixed the idea saying we would go puddle jumping with boots soon. Although we've been on many walks since, neither of us have thought to don boots...until today.

"I'm not sure how many puddles we're going to find Biddy. It hasn't rained in a while."
"Let's go see."
"Okay, honey. We'll go on a puddle jumping adventure."
"Yes Mommy. Let's find puddles and jump."

An hour later, that's exactly what we did! (Sorry for my off-key singing mid-video. I got caught up in the Gene Kelly moment!)


  1. Hello there, fellow mommy to a BOY! It's amazing how these boys just KNOW to love puddles. We were out playing in piles of snow, and Henry found the puddles along the curbs to jump in. Can't wait to get the boys together. love, Jess

  2. Pretty perfectly fantastic. And not JUST for little boys!